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Research Area

Our research area is Human-Computer Interaction(HCI), especially positive computing, which aims to support well-being and human potential.

Using computing capabilities(e.g. smartphones, wearables, IoT devices), we try to better understand and address threats to human well-being ranging from technology dependence(e.g. addiction, productivity loss, technostress) to mental/physical/social health problem(e.g. stress, lack of physical activity, social isolation).

As HCI researchers, we are well aware of such threats to users’ well-being and have always wished to make not only scholarly contributions but also societal impact by making our research findings available to those in need.

Our research methods include analyzing multiple data sources ranging from sensor data to interaction data to understand user needs and find systems design implications, and building/deploying novel ubiquitous and social computing systems.

Human Computer Interaction

Sensor Data

  • Mobile/ Wearable/ IoT Big data Collection
  • Sensor data as ESM, biological, behavioral, and environmental data
Description of Sensor Data


  • Data Preprocessing and Machine learning
  • Sensor data analysis for wellbeing research (e.g., stress, depression)
Description of Analyze

Act / Service

  • Digital health and wellbeing service development and experiments
  • Context-aware Intervention and Personalization for behavior change
Details of Service Act